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Is Facebook dying?

Is Facebook dying?

Facebook的出現,曾經顛覆全球年輕人的上網和交友模式,如今卻似乎變成「長輩」專屬的社交平台。根據Facebook的數字,全港每月約有500 – 600萬個活躍用家,當中18-24歲用家卻不足兩成。年輕人的新寵是Instagram,全球用戶當中接近七成為35歲以下。




The emergence of Facebook, which once subverted the online and dating models of young people around the world, now seems to have become the exclusive social platform for “elders”. According to Facebook’s figures, there are about 5 million-6 million active users per month in Hong Kong, but today less than 20% of them are aged 18-24. The new favourite of young people is Instagram, and nearly 70% of its global users are under 35.


The market especially in information technology is constantly changing, and you need to equip yourself to meet the new challenges and take advantage of the opportunities.


Starting from 1 April 2019, the Continuing Education Fund (CEF) personal subsidy ceiling has been increased to HK$20,000 and the age limit raised to 70. So why not embrace this opportunity and take the first step to improving yourself, by utilising the Fund.

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