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搜索引擎是怎樣工作 How Search Engines Work

搜索引擎是怎樣工作 How Search Engines Work


Before we can talk about everything that makes up SEO, we’ve got to start with the basics – how the internet and search engines work.

在我們談論構成SEO的所有內容之前,我們必須從基礎開始 – 互聯網和搜索引擎如何工作。


Boiled down to the simplest concept, the internet is really just a huge collection of pages that are connected by links. I like to use cities as a metaphor – a website is like a house, where each room in the house is a different page on the site, with hallways and stairs connecting the different rooms, but therooms add up to a cohesive whole. You have different houses on the street, but everything in the neighborhood is related. If you add even more houses, you end up with a city .

歸結為最簡單的概念,互聯網實際上只是一個由鏈接連接的大量頁面集合。我喜歡用城市作為比喻 – 一個網站就像一個房子,房子裡的每個房間都是網站上的不同頁面,走廊和樓梯連接不同的房間,但房間加起來是一個有凝聚力的整體。你在街上有不同的房子,但附近的一切都是相關的。如果你添加更多的房屋,你最終會得到一個城市。


Think of links like roads – they connect the different buildings and neighborhoods together. A big popular website is like a large office building, with lots of roads leading to it. It’s easy to see, and there are plenty of different ways to get there.

想想道路之類的鏈接 – 它們將不同的建築物和社區連接在一起。一個很受歡迎的網站就像一座大型辦公樓,有很多通往它的道路。這很容易看到,有很多不同的方法可以達到目的。


If you’re building a new site, it’s like you’re adding a new building to the city. Where would you rather have that building? If you’re right on the intersection of the freeway and several cross streets, it’ll be a popular location that’s easy to find. But if you build it way outside of town in the middle of a huge field, no one will know it’s there.



Back in the beginning of the World Wide Web, when there weren’t that many sites, you could only reach a website by typing in the address of the page or by clicking a link on another site.



In the early 90s, the web had grown too large to sustain such a simple navigation and discovery process. The first search engines were born – now users could type keywords into the search engine and receive a list of websites related to the search phrase. Excite , AltaVista, and Yahoo! quickly changed the way that people were using the internet.

在90年代早期,網絡已經變得太大,無法維持這種簡單的導航和發現過程。第一批搜索引擎誕生了 – 現在用戶可以在搜索引擎中鍵入關鍵字並接收與搜索短語相關的網站列表。 Excite,AltaVista和Yahoo!迅速改變了人們使用互聯網的方式。


In the late 90s, Larry Page and Sergey Brin were working on their own search engine, and they were the first to use links as a signal of authority and trust. WhenGoogle was finally released, it quickly became the favored search engine because the quality of the search results far surpassed the other options.



The search engines created advanced algorithms that analyze hundreds of factors for each website – both on and off the website. The algorithms are constantly updated and adjusted to ensure that search results are the best they can be.

搜索引擎創建了高級算法,可以分析每個網站的數百個因素 – 包括網站內外。算法會不斷更新和調整,以確保搜索結果最佳。

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